Oncology is field of medicine that deals with research and treatment of cancer. Many people believe cancer is a human disease, but it also afflicts animals that live among us. Actually, as with humans, increased longevity of life for pets is accompanied by an increase in incidence of cancer.

Cancer treatment for pets is very specialized and requires a different approach 

than in all other areas of veterinary medicine. The goal of cancer treatment in veterinary patients is different that in people. Our goal is to prolong good quality of life for as long as possible because extending a pet's life without quality is meaningless and just prologs its suffering. With certain types of cancer, early detection and the right treatment, can even lead to a cancer cure in some pets.

Veterinary oncology is one of the fastest developing areas of veterinary medicine. Due to high demand, many countries now have veterinary centers dedicated to cancer treatment.

Oncology services are provided by Dr. Orna Kristal, who is a boarded veterinary oncologist {Diplomate, ACVIM (oncology)}.

The Knowledge Farm Oncology Center offers the following services:

# Consultation for owners of pets who have been diagnosed with cancer (based on

    cytology or biopsy) or suspect cancer. Consultation includes:

   - A Physical examination of the pet.

   - Recommendation on further diagnostic procedures that will obtain a definitive

     diagnosis and determine if the cancer has spread (metastasized).

   - Discussion of treatment options including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation,

     symptomatic treatment, or a combination of 2 or more treatment modalities.

   - Detailed explanation about possible side effects and effectiveness of each treatment


# Chemotherapy treatments, radiation therapy (in specific cases) and symptomatic


# Follow-up after the conclusion of treatment.

# Telephone consultations to veterinarians.

Our goal is to provide owners with treatment options for their pets who have cancer; options which are appropriate for the specific cancer type and its biological behavior. We always strive to use the most effective treatment which also provides the highest possible quality of life. We try to understand the owners and their needs with regard to their pets, and thus help them choose the most appropriate treatment for them, including the option of not treating the animal at all. We practice according to the highest standards of medicine and ethics, and are committed to advancing the field of veterinary oncology in Israel.


The Oncology Center is open on:

Sundays & Tuesdays from 14:00 - 19:00

Thursdays from 10:00 - 19:00

Monday & Wednesday evenings, for emergencies only! Needs scheduling in advance.

To make an appointment, coordinate a referral or request for a veterinary telephone consultation contact: 09-7431117 or via email: oncology@chavatdaat.co.il