Surgical services are provided by Dr. Jonathan Shani, surgical specialist.



Repair of bone fractures using pins, plates, external fixators and advanced devices.

Spinal cord surgery (disc extrusions, trauma, removal of tumors and infected tissues).

Joint arthroscopy for the purpose of diagnostics and repair (elbow, shoulder, stifle).

Repair of ruptured cruciate ligament in large dogs or dogs with deformed joints using the TPLO method.

Hip joint replacement using prosthetics.

Reconstruction of dislocated joints.

Repairing, extending and straightening angular limb deformities.

General Surgery

Oncological surgery guided by advanced imaging.

Chest surgery (PDA, PRRA, lobectomy, pericardial stripping)

Repairing portosystemic shunts and various vascular anomalies.


Reconstructive skin surgery.


Endoscopic services including: study of GI tract, colonoscopy, rhinoscopy and bronchoscopy are used to facilitate diagnostic and surgical procedures.


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or Dr. Jonathan Shani directly at: 054-4901519