Reception hours in the Imaging services:


Sundays - 10:00-18:00

Mondays - 10:00-23:30

Tuesdays - schedule in advance (Vered shub in Beit Berl, Avi Avner in Zichron Yaakov)

Wednesdays - Thursdays 10:00-18:00.


3D scans:


3D-CT is an excellent non invasive diagnostic modality which can be used to evaluate congenital and developmental deformities (shape of the deformed bony structure, the extent of suture ossification) and to assess trauma (bone fragment displacement and fractures). 3D imaging can demonstrate complex musculoskeletal anatomy and is used to study limb and joint deformities, muscle atrophy, spinal/ skull conditions and trauma of the skull, spine, stifle, tarsal, carpal bones and shoulders. 3D Angiography may be extremely valuable in evaluation of aortic aneurysm (due to S. Lupi larval migration) and vascular malformations (such as portosystemic shunts). In the study of the genitourinary tract (IVU) it can provide essentially detailed anatomical information that could demonstrate the congenital anomaly, such as ectopic ureters, and facilitate surgical planning. 3D imaging is also a valuable tool in the field of Oncology. It is used to assess the exact size, shape and extent of a tumor and therefore facilitate surgical excision and radiation therapy planning. 


3D color