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In March 2007 the Veterinary Specialist Referral Center Knowledge Farm (Chavat Daat) was established at Beit Berl providing imaging services and radiological counseling to veterinarians, general orthopedic and pet surgeons and veterinary oncologists. In September 2008 an Emergency and Critical Care Center was established which operates 24 hours a day.

The center has invested enormous resources in an effort to provide excellent service, equipment and diagnostic capabilities.

We would be happy to provide you and your clients the level of service you deserve:


Vered Shub & Avi Avner - Imaging

Jonathan Shani - Surgery

Uri Segel - Surgical Intern

Orna Kristal - Oncology

Zeev Gans - Emergencies


The 3rd annual Radiology Conference with Prof. Mike Herttage And Julie Sales - 19/6/10.

New in the Imaging Center: Interventional Radiological Procedures - Fluoroscopic Imaging.

The Emergency Center Managed by Dr. Zeev Gans is open 24 hours a day.